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You Have the Power to Make Customers Happy

Would you love for your team to take on more responsibility? Tell them, “You have the power to make a customer happy!” Not only does this approach help you as the business owner deal with fewer problems, it also has the effect of making the employees feel better about themselves and how they can influence the company they work for. Of course, you have happy customers too...!

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Presenting Your Price Increase

When I knew that I needed to increase my labor hourly rate, I chose to do a calculation of what my actual costs were and added an appropriate margin.

The result I came up with was an unrounded amount (not an even number ending in .00), and, after some thought, I decided to use the new rate as-is rather than rounding up or down...

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Quick Tips

Less Barriers

The more barriers to entry, the more barriers to growth.

By : Rick Maher, Effective Human Resources

Results Over the Rush

Lately I’ve discovered a personal challenge to take my time and avoid rushing important decisions. When I make the outcomes the priority, how quickly I achieve them isn’t as relevant.

By : Bob Smith, Thermo Tech Auckland Ltd.

Peek Behind the Curtain

If your prospects and customers are demanding more but are only willing to pay less, comply with the minimum requirements while showing them the options which are needed and the risks of not taking advantages of the added services.

By : Ron Abo, The Abo Group, Inc.