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Let’s set aside our nostalgia for the good old days when we could assure our business’ success with a little more hard work. Allow yourself to appreciate, as a memory, the days when your business was well-served by your personal application of a natural talent or tactically applied skill. We have a more complicated responsibility to complete.

We need to lead and manage our entrepreneurial businesses with a crisp and well-understood vision. We need to commit ourselves to be continuous students of the complicated skills required to manage a team of people working toward a common goal.

As our businesses grow, we need to reserve more time and energy for the leadership and managerial responsibilities mentioned above. We need to delegate…

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Employee Incentive Program

Central Maintenance & Service Company (CMS) is a janitorial service company that serves commercial, industrial and academic facilities in the Pittsburgh area. In the past, CMS employees (mostly part-time) would call in to the receptionist indicating they would miss work for various reasons without any accountability and follow-up by the manager. The absenteeism created a problem since a back-up person was needed to clean the area that was the responsibility of the absent employee. This resulted in adding additional employees to the back-up crew and involved the additional expense of travel time and overtime, all of which cost the company a tremendous amount of money. Managers did not hold their employees accountable for this absenteeism and employees were not given any incentives to avoid absences. Enter the absenteeism incentive program.

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Quick Tips

Peek Behind the Curtain

If your prospects and customers are demanding more but are only willing to pay less, comply with the minimum requirements while showing them the options which are needed and the risks of not taking advantages of the added services.

By : Ron Abo, The Abo Group, Inc.

Results Over the Rush

Lately I’ve discovered a personal challenge to take my time and avoid rushing important decisions. When I make the outcomes the priority, how quickly I achieve them isn’t as relevant.

By : Bob Smith, Thermo Tech Auckland Ltd.

Less Barriers

The more barriers to entry, the more barriers to growth.

By : Rick Maher, Effective Human Resources